Do you use 视窗, 苹果电脑 , or 的Linux applications? 谷歌 wants you to replace them with 铬 apps in the future. 谷歌 铬 is now an app platform, complete with a 铬 app launcher for 视窗 和 苹果电脑 .

铬 apps run in their own window, are installed locally, run offline, 和 come from the 铬 web store. They make the most sense on 铬books, where they’是最接近本机应用程序的内容,但已传播到其他操作系统。

Installing 铬 Apps

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我们写了 谷歌’s plans to bring 铬 OS to your current computer before. 谷歌 wants to replace native apps with 铬 apps written in web technologies, which would then make it easy for you to switch to a 铬book. On traditional operating systems, 铬 apps will run side by side with whatever other apps you’重新在您的桌面上运行。

To install 铬 apps (formerly known as 铬 packaged apps), visit the For Your Desktop section in the 铬 Web Store。您’将会看到所有当前可用的打包应用程序。就像安装应用商店中的任何其他应用一样安装它们— they’ll be downloaded to 铬 和 show up with your other installed 铬 apps.

Using the 铬 App Launcher

谷歌 provides a 铬 App Launcher that gives you quick access to 铬 apps. Install it from the 铬 App Launcher page 它将显示在Windows的桌面任务栏或Mac OS X的扩展坞上。Google hasn’t yet released a 铬 App Launcher for 的Linux, although they say they will soon. You can still use 铬 apps on 的Linux, though.

一旦它’s installed, you can click the 铬 App Launcher icon to view 和 launch your installed 铬 web apps 和 perform 谷歌 searches. Apps with a shortcut icon overlaying their icon are simply old-style apps that function as glorified shortcuts to websites, while apps without the shortcut icon are full 铬 apps.

Using 铬 Apps

Installed 铬 apps can be launched from the 铬 App Launcher, the Apps section on 铬’s新建标签页,开始菜单(您可以’ll find them in a “Chrome Apps”“开始”菜单文件夹),甚至固定的任务栏图标或桌面快捷方式。

这些应用程序将在各自的窗口中运行,并具有各自的任务栏图标。他们没有传统“browser chrome” —也就是说,没有地址栏或导航按钮。他们离线运行并与在线服务同步,因此他们’ll很快就会打开,即使您不在时也可以使用’没有互联网连接。

Sample 铬 Apps

Pocket offers an official 铬 app. Like its mobile apps 和 苹果电脑 app, Pocket for 铬 downloads offline copies of web 文章s you’已保存到Pocket。然后,您可以离线阅读它们。多亏了本机应用程序’现在可以在Windows桌面上离线阅读Pocket文章。

谷歌 also offers a 铬 app for its 谷歌 Keep note-taking service. This app runs offline 和 syncs with 谷歌 Keep online, which means you’您将始终可以访问保存在Google Keep中的所有记事。如果您在离线时写一些笔记,它们会’上网时会同步。 谷歌 Keep窗口也很小且不显眼,因此它’比起必须在浏览器中导航到完整的Notes网站,做笔记更好。

Any.DO 和 Wunderlist are two to-do apps that are becoming fairly popular on mobile platforms. 铬 apps bring them to the desktop complete with offline access, offering streamlined access to your task lists outside of the browser. They’如果您已经在智能手机上使用了关联的任务应用程序,则非常理想。 Any.DO没有提供可用来查看任务的网站,因此,这实际上是在计算机上查看Any.DO任务的唯一方法。

Cut the Rope 和 Spelunky are two popular games now offered in 铬 app form. Both run entirely offline in their own windows. Cut the Rope will work along with touch screens or the mouse, allowing you to play Cut the Rope on your desktop without running it as a website in your browser.



铬’s app platform clearly has a long ways to go when it comes to selection. Notably absent are any apps for 谷歌 services aside from 谷歌 Keep. If 谷歌 is serious about 铬 apps, we’d希望看到适用于Gmail,Google日历和Google云端硬盘的应用,这将使您能够以一致,更可靠的方式脱机访问邮件,日历和文档。目前,这需要安装旧的Gmail脱机应用程序,然后分别在日历和云端硬盘中设置脱机支持。这还将把Gmail等Google服务转变为传统的窗口应用程序。

At the moment, only a few 铬 apps are really worth using because only a few 铬 apps are available. 铬 apps have a lot of promise, though. For example, while Pocket offers an app for the 苹果电脑 desktop, they don’t offer an app for the 视窗 desktop or even the new 视窗 8 interface. The Pocket app for 铬 is the only well-supported, official way to access your Pocket 文章s offline on a 视窗 laptop or tablet — you’d否则必须在具有Internet连接的浏览器中访问Pocket网站。

This seems to be the promise of 铬 apps — they will allow modern web services that neglect the 视窗 desktop (and 的Linux desktop) to create modern apps with web technologies that run offline. These apps will run on everything: 视窗 XP, Vista, 7, 8, 苹果电脑 , 的Linux, 和 铬 OS. It looks like they’ll even come to 铬 for mobile.

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铬 apps are also 沙盒 和 distributed via an app store. 铬 is now providing a modern application platform for windowed desktop applications, so 铬 apps could be a way forward for the 视窗 desktop. Microsoft has created their own new application platform with 视窗 8, but you can’不要在桌面窗口中运行此类应用 像ModernMix这样的第三方黑客. 谷歌’的解决方案提供了在Windows中运行的应用程序。

For now, 铬 apps are a great way to use Pocket, 谷歌 Keep, Any.DO, Wunderlist, 和 a few other services offline in their own window. In the future, we may see 铬 apps become an more comprehensive application platform that runs on almost every operating system.

Of course, this may not actually happen. 铬 apps may fizzle 和 fail, just as the previous 铬 apps effort wasn’t very compelling. The 铬 Web Store is mostly populated with glorified links to websites, after all. We’我只需要等待,看看会发生什么。

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