Command + Tab是在macOS中切换应用程序的主要键盘快捷键。按住Command键,然后按Tab键—you’ll see icons representing every application open on 您r 苹果 , as shown above. Press Tab again until 您 switch to the application 您 want.



Press Command+Tab to bring up the application switcher, as usual, 和 cycle to the application 您 want to quit. Continue holding Command, then press the “q”键。所选的应用程序将退出。

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正如我们’我曾经指出 macOS apps stay open when 您 hit the red X button. If 您’re the sort of person who tends to close windows without quitting the application, this keyboard shortcut lets 您 bulk quit applications later, which is useful if 您r computer is starting to slow down.

If clutter is a bigger problem than performance, 您 can also bulk hide applications. Bring up the application switcher again, select the application 您 want to hide, then press “h.”所选应用程序的每个窗口将立即隐藏。

It’s a quick way to remove clutter from 您r screen, especially if 您’不是那种人 使用Mission Control在多个桌面上管理应用程序.


There are a few more keys 您 can use while 您’re holding Command. The Right 和 Left arrow keys let 您 change the currently selected application, which can be faster than pressing tab repeatedly when 您 want to go backwards.


In this example, there are several photos open in Preview. Holding Command 您 can use the arrow keys to change which is selected—寻找其中一个窗户周围的蓝框。按“Enter” 和 您’ll打开当前选择的窗口。

If this is too slow for 您 there’s a quick keyboard shortcut not everyone knows about: Command+~. This lets 您 jump between windows in the currently open application.

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